7 Finance Podcasts You Should Know About

7 Finance Podcasts You Should Know About

27 September 2019

Whether you are interested in advanced quantum physics, or the latest Hollywood gossip, chances are there is a podcast out there for you. With all these choices available, we’re here to talk about the most interesting topic of them all – finance. Everyone wants an extra buck to spend, and there are like-minded individuals eager to share their experiences with you. Nevertheless, here are 5 finance podcasts we are listening to today.

Equity Mates

Started by good mates, Bryce and Alec, Equity Mates is a stock market investing podcast great with covering the basics. They try to make content about financial information as easily accessible and understandable as possible – delivered with a very friendly feel. 

You Need A Budget (YNAB)

The man behind YNAB, Jesse Macham, is a very busy person. Aside from being the host of a long-standing podcast, he designed an excellent budgeting software named YNAB! Additionally, the brand has workshops, videos, blogs, and newsletters all aiming to improve your personal finances. Choose your learning medium of choice!

Aussie Firebug

The Aussie Firebug is a F.I.R.E. advocate whose goal in life is to become Financially Independent and Retire Early. Understand his journey from $0 net worth to ‘FIRE’ with content about personal finances we can all try to emulate. This guy is the real deal and isn’t shy about his riches either with monthly networth updates on the website.

The Money Café

The podcast is hosted by two extremely talented and experienced journalists of The Australian, James Kirby and Alan Kohler. They hold discussions about biggest news in business, finance and economics, and how it affects you. Easy to understand yet very insightful!

Work Life Money

Work Life Money by Ross Greenwood talks about the business climate in Australia and around the world. He even conducts precious interviews with successful business people who have made it in the industry. Take advantage of someone with decades of experience in the world of finance!

Executive Stories

Brad Vinning is a tech-savvy corporate lawyer who hosts fruitful conversations with guests in Executive Stories. He is a technology, startups and M&A legal expert, but ultimately wants to build better connections through conversations and stories with other successful individuals.

Morgans Startup Series

Run by Morgans Adviser, Chris Titley, the podcast focuses on technology company interviews that aim to build a co-operative ecosystem to allow startup companies to succeed. Get exclusive talks from the who’s who in the tech industry and learn from the best!

Everyone has different preferences regarding what they listen to. With all the content being thrown at us, it is only natural to be extremely selective. Nonetheless, we hope you enjoy least one of these podcasts!

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