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Am I Eating Enough Calories? The Downsides of Undereating

30 November 2019

We live in a society where it has been drilled into our brains that the best way to achieve our dream body is with fewer calories and not more. 

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This Trend Is Ruining Relationships (And You're Probably Guilty Of It)

22 November 2019

Date night doesn’t get any more depressing this: One of marriage therapist Christine Wilke’s clients was so caught up in her phone recently that she didn’t realize the date was over.

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Functional Approach to Treatment of Depression

18 November 2019

As an RN, I can see up to fifty patients/ clients a week, majority of which I will notice are on an extensive list of medications treating individual concerns. 

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Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Intermittent Fasting

6 November 2019

Unlike many other trendy diets that have taken the wellness world by storm as of late, intermittent fasting isn't actually a "diet." 

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How To Be An Epic Lover

17 October 2019

If you want a plant to grow, you have to water it. 

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The Rise of Wellness in the Workplace

13 October 2019

Promoting wellness is starting to become a common practice in the workplace. 

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How to Do 1,000 Push-ups in a Single Day

18 September 2019

When I started posting a number as my Facebook status, friends and acquaintances began asking questions.

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I Was 'Wrong' (And Why That's Okay)

3 September 2019

Back when I was a teenager, I remember giving my mum a LOT of lectures on why she should buy margarine instead of butter.

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How Mindfulness Can Drastically Improve Your Business

14 August 2019

You may not think of hustling entrepreneurs as those who carve out time for mindfulness meditation. However, you would be surprised how widely mindfulness is practiced among the most innovative minds today.

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